Septic Maintenance

It is vital for your septic system to be properly maintained  to maximize the efficiency and prevent contamination of our environment.

(35) Maintenance--Required or routine performance checks,
examinations, upkeep, cleaning, or mechanical adjustments to an on-site sewage facility,
including replacement of pumps, filters, aerator lines, valves, or electrical components.
Maintenance does not include alterations.
(36) Maintenance findings–The results of a required performance check
or component examination on a specific on-site sewage facility.
(37) Maintenance provider–An individual who maintains on-site sewage
facilities for compensation. Through August 31, 2009, a maintenance company is a
person or business that maintains on-site sewage facilities for compensation.
(38) Maintenance technician–An individual who holds a valid registration
issued by the executive director to maintain on-site sewage facilities and works under a
maintenance provider.
(39) Malfunctioning OSSF–An on-site sewage facility that is causing a
nuisance or is not operating in compliance with this chapter.